Speciality Tours and Interests

Over many years, Sterling Travel has earned the reputation of being one of the best creators and operators of bespoke itineraries and activities in the UK. Our work has taken us all across our country and we bring to the table a detailed knowledge of the resources and possibilities that can be found all over Great Britain. 

Whether our clients are interested in ancient Neolithic sites in the Orkney Islands, the literary connections of the west country, the birth of the Industrial Revolution in Shropshire, the history of the Second World War, or any other theme – our knowledge and expertise will ensure an inspiring special travel programme for your enjoyment. We are happy to create special activities for just one day that can be used as team building experiences, or to create an extended touring programme over several days taking in special visits and meetings that will satisfy those with the most specialist interests. 

History, art, culture and tradition are well known in the UK, and Sterling Travel will blend these themes together to meet any type of brief, no matter how unusual or technical it might be.